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I have been teaching music, songwriting and production for over 30 years. Next to writing and performing my own music, it is the most fulfilling thing in the world… helping people move beyond their natural talents to become skillful and confident musicians, performers and songwriters.

I am more of a coach than a teacher, believing the adage that we learn by doing rather than by hearing or watching. My lessons are interactive and informal. I show rather than tell, happy to share my journey of discovery, my failures and my success and, more importantly, my creative process.

I have designed workshops on Songwriting and Production for Apple,, Avid, Propellerhead, ASCAP, M-Audio, lectured at Biola University,Vanguard University, LAFS, SCA, Saddleback and Hillsong and coached musicians, singers and songwriters on every continent-from beginners who simply have a desire to improve their skills, to recording artists signed to record labels such as Warner Bros, Capital-EMI, Island, Inpop, Kingsway, Word.

With my partners at Thinkific, I am developing an online production school for anyone interested in becoming a better musician, songwriter or music maker.  Click the subscribe button below to begin your free lessons. Early adopters to the platform will gain early access at discounted prices to the Mentor Sessions Pro Series, a selection of focused workshops that I designed for industry clients. The first in the series will be made available late August, 2019.


  1. hi chris,
    mike here hope your doing well. i’m in the florida panhandle now and still doing pro tools. i don’t have you email anymore otherwise i would have just emailed you there. i have been doing more tracks and was wondering if Doug still works for Kid Glove Publishing. i would love to be able to send out some more music but don’t have his email either. hope to here from you soon chris and i’m very thankful for you giving me the opp. in the past to send you guys music for placement. tell sam i said hi too.

    much thanks,

    mike (donz) donohue

  2. Hey Chris, I’ve long meant to tell you how much your coaching session with me changed the way I write. You turned me around, helped me find direction… and gave me confidence to be me. Thanks Bro.

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