Music Workshop


This could be a 2 hour session an evening during the week or an ‘all day event’… typically a 10am to 4pm event on a Saturday with a breaks for lunch and coffee/tea. However we are flexible and can break it up into into several events during the week, e.g. ‘evening’ classes… if and when time and travel schedules permit.

With one instructor, we focus on the ensemble, working with the whole team as one, singers, musicians, tech people and so on.  With an emphasis on the practical, we help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team (creative, technical, performance, attitude) and then work in a collaborative environment towards creating a ‘sound’ that fits this collective.
With additional instructors we can break into smaller groups for specific training on such subjects as Leadership, Worship Leading, Song Writing, Rhythm Section and Arranging.


For Churches, we suggest (whenever possible) tying in this first workshop event in with a worship service (or concert) the evening of the event, or the follow Sunday service. Being able to ‘show’ the lesson in a relaxed practical fashion allows the instructor to lead both the worship team and the congregation in this enhanced worship journey. Ideally, we will take the whole service, teaching a message on worship and creativity, a service that’s a little bit different, full of of songs, stories and an extended time of worship.

Here’s an example of us working with a great local Church worship team after several days of training and rehearsing together.

Follow Up

Once we have established a relationship with a Church community, our follow up visit can focus more on specifics e.g. developing the team leaders, fostering a creative environment, the worship leaders, songwriters and the ‘local sound’ of worship. And while we suggest adding a Friday evening to the  program we can vary the use of this ‘extra day’ depending on either the resources or the needs of the organization or community.

House Concert

Our preference is to do a House Concert or Bar/Club event, inviting friends, family and neighbors outside the general reach of the Church or organization. These ‘outsiders’ feel much more comfortable in a non-institutional environment and generally connect easily with the music and the performers.

An alternative Friday event is an interactive gathering at the home of one of the creative Leaders where music, art, story telling and performance issues can be discussed over a meal. We are all about helping students relax and finding a comfort zone in which they grow or learn at their own pace. The less formal environment also helps ‘us teachers’ to identify potential leaders and the strengths and weaknesses within the team.

# Note: Often an additional Thursday evening is required to rehearse the material and program for the Friday House Concert-Club ‘gig’.

Here’s a great house concert event that gathered, neighbors, friends, family, young and old… and lots of local musicians (and a sound and lighting company) who volunteered their services and favorite songs (original and covers) for the occasion.

One on One

Our ‘One on One’ sessions can be on site (yours or ours) depending on teacher availability or a scheduled Skype session. Generally these sessions are for creative/worship leaders and songwriters.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop send us a note on the comment page.