Love Found Me

Love Found Me is one of a handful of favored songs I like to perform, either on my own or with the band… in clubs, prisons, rehab centers, churches or… around a camp fire. Its one of those songs that never fails me…

This live recording @ Cafe M in Long Beach, CA captures the essence of what the song is all about… I am nothing without Love… and the intuitive nature of the band members shine in the telling of this story through music.

And so a big Thanks to Rhythm Gospel and Blues featuring Sandra Stephens (vocals), Tony Green (Bass), Susan Constantini  (Keys) and David Raven (Drums) and an amazing crew of friends (anyone who owned a camera) and of course Hank Linderman (Eagles, Chicago, America) for producing-mixing the live audio recording.

The song was originally recorded on the Prisoner of Hope album… and I am sure it will be recorded a few more times on various projects in the near future.

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  1. Beautiful words Chris and so true we all go looking for love but of course love finds us right where we are. Love you and Karen and the boys may 2015 bring much joy and many blessings. Love Margaret x

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