Words are So Overrated

“Use Words if You Have To” is an Instrumental album of songs and pieces of music I like to play when creating my own ‘quiet’ space for prayer and meditation.
The title is taken from the famous line of Francis of Assisi “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”
I recorded all the parts in our living room during a week of ‘having the house to myself’… and oh what a mess I created with mics, guitars, cables and so on all over the place… a chaos quite unlike these recordings.
My intent was to ‘only’ use whatever I had in the house and as I had recently borrowed a lovely old Banjo from Hank Linderman I was able to add an Americana feel to some of the pieces. For percussion I played a small hand drum that someone had given me… more of a ‘nice thing to hang on the wall’… but it’s sound was delicate and fitted perfectly into these spacious themes. I made up a few shakers out of soda cans ‘half-filled’ with brown rice (organic of course… you can hear the difference)… and then using my voice, my assortment of acoustic guitars, an old bass, a broken tambourine and, while my desire was to ‘stay organic’, for a few brief moments I played my old analog synth to add some of the Sigur Ros air.


released 03 December 2014
All Instruments and vocals: Chris Falson
Recorded by Chris Falson @ the empty house studios
Mastered by Tony Green
Album photo by Kevin Roley
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