Alter-Ego is Not a Dirty Word

Iggy Pop, AKA James Newell Osterberg Jr is an American punk rock singer and actor (I loved him in Coffee and Cigarettes). Arguably one of the most important innovators of Rock ‘n’ Roll he is sometimes referred to as “the Godfather of Punk” or “the Rock Iguana”, and… has a reputation for being one of the most dynamic stage performers ‘ever’… as Dave Raven can testify in the interview below…

“…with Iggy on stage… I thought the room was going to catch on fire”


But there is another side to Iggy.

Iggy likes to garden.raven_annis-340x226

David Raven, AKA Hort Elvison and David McSparran, and drummer for Iggy, Keith Richards and other rocks gods is himself quite the entertainer on stage. I have never worked with a drummer with more energy … and it is infectious… and I love it.

But there is another side to Dave… he likes to cook. With apron. And he’s good… and I’m eating in his kitchen tomorrow.

It is these other sides to our lives that create balance. 

One extreme usually requires another.

I don’t have an AKA (none that I can print) but on stage, while I may come across as the relaxed ‘every man’s friend’ kind of guy… off stage I am happiest when alone… reading a good book or walking in the forest.

Don’t invite me to a party unless you have a well stocked library!.

Check out this great interview with David Raven as he talks about working with the two sides of Iggy Pop.

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  1. Love this, Chris. Just did the riff on warriors and gardeners on Sunday…this hits that nail on the head. And I’m with you, we introverts need to stick together–or is that a contradiction in terms?

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