The Song is Everything

One of the benefits of working as a songwriter in LA is being able to work with musicians, engineers and producers that are highly sort after, world class  exceptional story tellers themselves. ‘The song is everything’ is oft quoted and, because the musicians and singers may have worked (the day before) with Bob Dylan, Carlene Carter, Nora Jones, Keith Richards, Elton John and their like,  the songwriting bar is set extremely high for us mere mortals.

But knowing I will be working alongside these wonderfully seasoned music creators motivates me to work just that little bit harder, to take my writing gift more seriously, to sweat over each word, phrase, chord change… avoiding cliches… and trite little happy endings. I dare not show up at the studio unless I have songs that are worthy of their time and their creativity.

However, it is the ultimate ‘two thumbs up’ when the musicians hired for the session say either verbally or by their enthusiastic performances that they like the song. It brings a sigh of relief for sure… and that sweet ‘aftertaste’ of validation… that I’m not wasting my life and maybe.. I can postpone the search for that real job for a few more weeks yet.

As a studio musician myself, I know how much harder I have to work when the song is not ‘quite complete’. A good song needs no help at all… a poorly written song… well… I’ll let David Raven tell the rest of that story.

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