True Champions

True Champions: Walking with You (c) 2007 Chris Falson

I wrote and produced this song for the Avon Foundation to help promote the Breast Cancer Walk campaign. To see a higher resolution video, Or to find out more about the Walk for Breast Cancer campaign, visit the Avon Foundation website.Writing the lyrics posed a great challenge to me because I didn’t have any close ties to breast cancer survivors. So I endured a crash course in breast cancer survival, Listening to stories, Reading testimonies, And watching the video over and over (sans music).With the help of Elisa Sauleda and Barbara Rider, the producers of the video/DVD, My mind gradually opened to a world of true champions. And when I say champion, I mean people who deserve to wear that mantle on a day to day basis.Apple Dictionary:championnoun1 a person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition, esp. in sports : [as adj. ] a champion hurdler.2 a person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else : a champion of women’s rights.3 historical a knight who fought in single combat on behalf of the monarch.4 Breast Cancer Survivor!…..Unfortunately, in our culture the word champion is given out all too easily, along with prizes and awards to people who don’t need them. And in a day when many past champions are coming out of the medicine cabinet or the steroidal closet the word is fast losing it’s intended meaning.But to survive a death sentence, Even for a day, Well You deserve to be called champion. And you champions continue to inspire to me.We (Hank Linderman) and I had to produce this song in a matter of days. And it was hard going. The process of matching music to video requires that the video play along (perhaps on a separate screen) as you ‘make music’. But we, The musicians, engineer and singers Susie Stevens (lead) and Sam Sparro (BV) Could not concentrate on our parts while the video was playing.These scenes were too emotional, Too powerful, And to some, Too close to home. Which made it especially difficult to sing. So in the end we turned the video off.Even today before I began to write the piece, I first watched the movie…. And as per usual….. I welled up.If you can watch this movie without shedding tear…. You are a champion….Of sorts!

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  1. very nice song! totally matches the video and a couple of my friends are breast cancer survivors…

    two very close people to me have survived cancer (mercier) and my friend’s daughter
    so ya

    and my best friend’s daughter has ovarian cancer

    very well done

    i’m proud of you

  2. Several people have been asking about the ‘new songs’ and their availability. Chris has a new album, Flesh and Bone coming out mid March with many of the songs featured on this site.

    As for ‘Walking with You’ (the Avon/Song), there are no plans to release this song at the moment in it’s current form. As it was written and produced for the Avon Breast Cancer Foundation…… this version is actually their property…… not ours. We are thankful to be able to promote the video/song on our site.

    Perhaps, in another season we will record a new version and make it available.

  3. Hey Chris, so long time ago since the last “talking”. Thanks for this wonderful piece of music. I miss new music from you, thanks for sharing, thanks for this source of joy. Keep in touch, Frankie

  4. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW.. how totally beautiful is that song Chris’.. Well Done Man.. to You and your very hard working Team of People..

    Walking with You.. soo fitting, soo personal, soo inspiring and totally, for all the Un – sung Champions who live and breathe and who know what is means to Live thru’ their stuff no matter what their obstacles are.. .. Wow.. Heaven applauds You all..

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