This was no Charles Shaw or Porphry Pearl

The other day I was reading that story of the wedding feast in Cana… you know the one in which a certain Jesus was purported to have turned six large jars of water into wine… not just any of kind of wine mind you… It wasn’t Charles Shaw or Porphry Pearl. No this wine was so good that the more important guests were asking why this sumptuous wine had been kept till the end of the seven day feast… I am guessing that the more gluttonous among them had wasted their fine palate’s on the cheaper stuff provided by the groom… I have been to a few of those weddings myself.

Now while all that is of interest… or a topic of debate for some, I got to thinking ‘just how much wine are we talking about here?’

Each jar (according to the account of one of the attendees) held approximately 25 gallons of liquid. Multiply that by the six jars and we have 150 gallons.

Now, as wine is more commonly measured within the metric system… this comes to 492.104 Liters. Dividing that by 0.75 (the amount of wine in a regular bottle) we have 656 bottles… or 54.6 cases (of 12)

Imagine this. You are going to a party and you say ‘how about I bring some wine”. The hosts might anticipate a nice bottle of red or… maybe something white… but you are feeling generous and so you bring one of each.

But not Jesus, when you invite him to a party… he goes and fills the truck! And then he has all his friends carry in case after case of the ‘good stuff”.

Does it seem a bit extravagant?

I’m not sure about you, but I know who I’m inviting to the next party!

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