And the Academy Award Goes to?

For many years now, I have been working on television/film projects, mostly as either a composer or songwriter. But when I read the book “The Kid Stays in the Picture” I felt a rush of blood to the old gray cells and began dreaming of the day when I too could become a film producer. I also visited the local library to borrow books on film making, pestered my producer friends ad nauseam, practiced script writing with other novice film makers and even pitched one of our movie ideas to a division of Warner Bros. The answer from the brothers Warner was no, but the experience, even of being on the WB film lot was the fulfillment of an ‘impossible’ childhood dream.

Stranger than fiction, this WB meeting eventually opened up doors for both my friend, Damian Allen, and me to work on such films as Cats and Dogs 2 and Immortals, and while I am considered more often than not of the musical family of production workers, I am actually credited (amongst other things) on IMDB as a Visual Effects Producer.

But as of today, I can also add the actual title of Producer to my CV, having worked tirelessly for many months on this wonderful short film, The Release. I also composed the music and wrote the theme song “I Think I’m Ready”… which features Sandra Stephens.

Written and directed by my good friend John Sideropoulos, with a cast and crew worthy of any major television network programming, The Release tells the story of a victim of child abuse who finds the courage to let go of her past and forgive both herself and her assailant. For more information on the movie visit The Release website.

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  1. Hey Chris, what a touching movie. Thanks for sharing it. You and all the people that were involved did a wonderful job. Love the song at the end. Is it available thru your website or anywhere else? Take care, Frank

  2. Hey Legend
    So many people pray and wish this on their life’s. A touching movie congrats on it
    Yours in Christ Mate
    Ps great sounds

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