Staying Alive

I am currently touring and visiting friends in Europe. This past Saturday I played a little concert at what I would call a Big Fat Swiss Birthday. The party started at 1.30 pm at Dieter’s house, with drinks and snacks. Then we were given a bottle of water to keep us hydrated as we all walked around the lake of Constance (not all the way mind you… about 4 kilometers) towards the next stop… the Chateaux of Napoleon the 3rd, where we would spend the next 10 hours (yes you read it here… the Swiss know how to party), drinking, eating, enjoying the view from the many terraces and of course listening to me sing and play (along with Andre, Jurg and Claude,┬ámy Swiss version of the Oxygen Thieves).

After about 8 hours of partying the DJ wisely selected a song to re-energize the crowd and, as I did my own (slightly tipsy) Travolta impersonation across the dance floor I was reminded of this wonderful cover version of Staying Alive by my son… the one and only Sam Sparro accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra, circa 2008.


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