Farewell Dear Friend

February 26, 1938 – May 2, 2020

Today I say farewell (for now) to Morris Chapman: a mentor, a dad, a brother and a friend of high distinction.

Thank you Morris, for forging a way for many of us to follow, for giving us permission to color outside the lines and, for helping me discover just who I was meant to be… as a musician, songwriter and worship leader. I am who I am in part to you… Dad. You were always the most generous and inclusive of souls. You opened doors for me, promoted my songs to one and all. You shared your world, your platform, your fans with me… you made me feel part of your family. It hurts to say goodbye but to listen to your silky voice on I Know the Plans gives me tears of joy. You are without pain now. Love you always, your friend, student and fellow traveler. Chris

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