Wash My Sins Away

Every year people send me requests for song charts, especially for the songs that carry an Easter message. I want to make these more readily available and so here’s the first one… free for all. You can listen to the song here and if you want more info… Click the ‘Wash My Sins’ link embedded in the Bandcamp player and on the next page you will find the lyrics. You can also download the song for free. Cheers.

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  1. I love this and the whole tree by the river album..it’s helped me through so much. Thanks for your heart Chris. Love from Australia.

  2. please do holy spirit. you did send it to me years ago but i have since changed devices and the file was lost 🙁

  3. G’day Chris…
    There’s a song that goes
    Let me be a worshipper
    Around Your throne,
    Gazing at the beauty of Your face…..
    Love a Chord chart for this awesome throneroom song…

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