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cf_04I was born and bred in Sydney, Australia and after an unsuccessful tertiary education I was ‘apprenticed’ by my father into the music business. This was 1977. Over the next 14 years, playing guitar, bass (and some trumpet and keys) in clubs, theaters, orchestras pits, recording and TV studios, schools, concert and church halls, the occasional tour of NZ, Asia and Europe etc I learnt my trade. My songwriting skills were a little slower to develop but if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Eventually I had my first song published, and then another, and another and so on. And then one day I had a song on a hit record ‘in the States’…. and this changed my life…. because instead of me sending unsolicited material to labels and publishers around the world they started calling me hoping to sign me as a writer and recording artist.

And so I moved into the next phase of my career.

I arrived here in LA in 1993 with a recording contract and a publishing deal. The album entitled “Chris Falson” was released the previous year and though only moderately successful in terms of CD sales, it became my calling card and subsequently doors opened for me to write, produce and tour all over the world.

I don’t know how to describe my music. I cross over many genres, from gospel to rock, from folk to new age, from singer/songwriter to composer. Some of my songs are sung in Churches around the world while others are featured in network TV shows and feature films. I like to write for different audiences and mediums….. each provide a challenge and that makes writing music interesting to me. It can also make it difficult for audiences…. some are fans of one style and quite bemused by another.

Hey as Bing Crosby said “Don’t fence me in!”.

My 6th grade teacher described me as follows “…. if there is a difficult way of doing it, Chris will find it”. I loved to go fishing back then too…. my nick name was “tangles”. That about says it all.

I grew up in a very musical and creative environment. My father Ron Falson, in his younger days played trumpet with the likes of Stan Kenton, Sammy Davis Jr, Frank Sinatra and Shirley Bassey. He was a noted jazz player in Sydney and worked most everyday day in his home office writing and arranging music. My mother Gill Falson, worked as a night club singer, choreographer, dancer, actress and theater director….. and as the chief copier of my father’s manuscripts. Musicians and singers never really retire….. and so they are still both “entertaining the troops” now and then in Australia.

Here’s a track from my father’s most recent album with the Ozcats.[MEDIA not found]

My Grandparents Jack and Elvie Daniels were also both musicians. When they were younger they were quite the entrepreneurs hosting radio shows and performing with their own dance bands. They were also educators fostering within each of their students an openness and appreciation for all kinds of music. There philosophy…… There’s beauty in everything if you are willing to look (or listen) for it.

My grandfather was also the one who a put a guitar and my hands and taught me how to play it. The first song I ever learnt was “Dream a Little Dream with Me”. Then I discovered Django and the rest is history!

It’s his old guitar, that Jack built in 1938 that’s featured on my recent album covers. Time has not been kind to this rustic creature of wood and steel and it is now unplayable however it’s a beautiful piece of art and it represents my past and the rich legacy passed onto to me.

Jack’s mother Ruby Daniels, was also a professional musician playing piano for the silent movies in Kempsey. It’s really all her fault….. And even now, 4 generations later her great, great grand children….. my sons Sam and James have joined the family business! They too are both writing and performing their own music in LA.

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  1. Hello Dear. Thanks for posting that photo of mine.
    Well… I was not feeling myself. Maybe just felt the
    Alsace wine? BTW… great song mate.

  2. You have a great voice, great playing ability and evidently great genes too!

    Sam’s doing a great job saving pop music here in the UK – what a voice, wow!

    All the best,

    Jason, London, UK.

  3. Found you because I heard your son’s song Black and Gold. I am mesmerized with it. Can’t stop listening. I want to know everything I can about the talent that wrote it and sang it. I say, too, WHAT A VOICE, WOW!

  4. Chris:
    “Then I discovered Django and the rest is history”

    There is something in this I feel that helps define your style of guitar playing.Not sure what it is but I have been listening to you play from the early CCC days at Brookvale.
    I am also a fan of Jango and the Hot Club du Paris.
    So what was it SPECIFICALLY that grabbed you that day (discovering Jango) before history was made for Chris Falson ?



  5. Thanks Ian. Django doesn’t hide anything… or keep anything back when he plays… or writes. He was a gypsy too… and that blood runs in me also.

  6. Hi Chris. I love your music. I play it all the time….it makes me feel good. I learned about you while at Bible College in so. California and at that time we use to play in the college’s movie house a video of your album Chris Falson. It had I think most of the songs in your CD. I would love to get that video and found some of them on YouTube, but the one I like the most “The heavens Round your throne” is not posted on YouTube…Where can I get it and is it posted on your own website?….

    We are teaching The Osalms this semester in our church and I thought it would be perfect to intro the teaching on Psalm 19.

    I am a missionary in Rosarito Beach Mexico, just 15 minutes from the border from San Diego. Oh by the way, I saw you in person in a church in Orange County, I believe 1997.

    Thank you dear brother, keep writing anointed music.

    Marina Vishanoff

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