Not Feeling Myself

Several years ago Disney produced a remake of Freaky Friday starring Jaimie Lee Curtis. The music supervisor was having trouble obtaining the rights to a John Mayer song and so the call went around to songwriters and artists (like me) who had a JM vibe. The premise of the movie (just in case you didn’t see it!) was……

‘An overworked mother and her daughter do not get along. When they switch bodies, each is forced to adapt to the others life for one freaky Friday.’

The producers wanted a song along the lines of…. ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’m not quite myself today’ …… but it had to sound like John Mayer.

I don’t think I sound like him at all, however, the fact that some people do has provided quite a bit of work for me, especially in TV song placements. So yeah, sometimes when asked what my music is like…. I say ‘well some people say I sound a bit like John Mayer’. It is an honest answer.

On the other hand if someone were to ask me how I would describe my music and I said ‘well, I am quite unique actually, I have my own sound…… hmmmm it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before’. ….. This would be far from true.

When it was suggested to John Lennon that neither his songwriting or the Beatles sound were very original he replied graciously ‘…. well of course, we’re all products of what we’ve seen and what we’ve heard and of what’s gone before us….’

Back to the Freakey Friday…..

I didn’t have song like this in my catalog and as I had nothing better to do that day I went to work. I soon realized that this could well be about my life. How often I walk about with this puzzled expression…. ‘is this really me in this body’…. or when time and space move too quickly and I look around and think…. ‘how on earth did I get here’. On a good day perhaps, under sunny skies with a full gust of wind behind me I am sailing towards my destination. That’s on a good day. Most days however I am drifting in the mist, lost at sea, bumping into other floating objects, …… and sometimes I have that awful sinking feeling.

The song didn’t make it into the film. Any rejection is painful, but writing, and in particular writing songs is what I do. So the song has value whether it gets placed in a film or stays in my iTunes folder. It’s a strange subject matter and I probably would never have considered writing it without ‘the call’. And listening to this track today makes me feel happy. Weird huh!

Here’s the original demo…

Not Myself
Copyright 2005 Leather Chair Songs

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  1. Chris-
    This is just another song that is great because you sing it.

    I am not sure how Hollywood works (but maybe I do…..) but it seems that talent is clearly second to a beautiful face and body and you need to brush up on your dance routine too.

    I love you bro.


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