I Blame the Mirror

Ageism is the enemy of all things good: love, hope, enthusiasm, well being, creativity, innovation… I could go on and on.

We have all been victims of ageism at one time or another.

We can be too young to drive, to get married, to vote and or we are passed over for a job we might have trained for simply because we lacked the experience or, because we looked too young.

Wait a few years and we are deemed too old to continue doing the job we are really good at.

It is a battle for sure… one that requires an ignorance towards unfair bias and, a childlike perspective of who we really are as human beings.

For all my troubles with ageism, I blame the mirror.

It hasn’t been kind to me for years. And while I might miss something stuck in my tooth, an eyelash or a piece of dry skin on my cheek… a day without the mirror’s harsh criticism… is a day in which I can be young and curious, exploring and experimenting and getting on with being the youthful me that I think I really am.

Sometimes my vanity gets the better of me and I feed that insatiable need to sneak a look at the bathroom mirror. It is a moment of foolishness. Do I really expect to appear more youthful, more vibrant than the last time I looked?

Without an antidote close at hand that venomous glassy eyed monster might keep me down for days.

I have the antidote with me at all times. I highly recommend it. It’s safe, all natural and easy to use.

The antidote to aging is singing. Yeah… it’s that simple.

For when I sing… I feel beautiful.

Feeling young or useful… that we still have something to contribute and, that we have a genuine value to others, to our community, to the world around us, is as important as breathing air. And this goes for young, old and all those in between.

This is the subject of my latest ‘A Curious Child Podcast’… during which I discuss various aspects of beauty, the wonder of singing and, why it is that we each need something beautiful in our lives… to restore our wounded soul.

Having a reason for being has nothing to do with age. Knowing what you are born to do, what your role in the community is and, that you ‘still got it’ can be enough of a spark to start a fire that warms not just our soul, but the hearts and souls of those around us.

I might be half asleep with a mere slither of an idea for a new song or a story but it gets me out of the bed of a morning with enough fuel to pull on a shirt and a pair of jeans, to walk down the hall to have a coffee (one must get things in order before one enters the creative process) and then go pick up a guitar or a pen and paper… and start working on something new.

Once I am in the zone, singing my little heart out… I fear nothing… not even that lying scoundrel of a mirror that lurks just around the corner.

No, When I Sing… I feel Beautiful!

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  1. I feel your heart Chris and the impact of that mirror which at times has robbed me.Getting back up again can be challenging but for me God’s word and presence reminds me who I really am, what I have to give and who needs to hear my God given words of comfort.This gets me out of bed each day as I rush for my coffee rush.Seeking God’s guidance in his word and in prayer each day leads my daily path. God bless you brother.Ian

  2. I hear you Chris, that mirror is so harsh, we constantly have to remind ourselves who we are in Christ and repeating to ourselves His words you are my beloved, it’s what keeps me going each day living for Him and that lovely cuppa tea.❤

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