The Smell of Rain

My grandparents had this old shed in their back garden. It had a tin roof. And when it rained there was no better place to be than inside that shed, the door open, watching the rain fall and listening to the sound above. Rain beating down on tin is hard to beat.

And oh, the smell of the earth, the red dusty clay of our neighborhood. When the rain started to fall after a dry spell, it was as if the dirt was saying ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’.

I think many of us are in a season, either entering or escaping a desert experience. In this podcast I work through my song ‘I Can Hear the Rain’… I break it down, with a conversation about the writing of it.. a little minstrel wisdom about escaping the desert in search of rain and, I throw in some songwriting process chatter for good measure.

Or, if you just want to listen to the song, here you go.

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  1. Awesome Chris.I have had that Desert feeling here in Sydney.I also lived in a tinned roof homestead in the Southern Highlands and can remember the relief of that rain on out tin roof.The sound, the smell, that experience.So awakening mate.Your sharing is highly appreciated. Cheers Ian Somerville

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