My Soul is Rising

I hate it when I catch myself whining? Oh what a bore… going on and on about the rocky roads past, present and anticipated.

It became such a problem that I had to write a song about it! Then, of course, I had to do a podcast on the writing and production of the song.

I filled as many complaints as was possible into the lyrics of this song… in an attempt to showcase just how stupid my negative behavior can be at times. My hope, that I could teach my soul to rise above the dark clouds of my thinking.

This podcast episode explores this subject a little deeper, with, an additional discussion on the writing process of the song.

I sure had fun with this song. The early stage of the creative process involved the creation and manipulation of a whole bunch of musical loops. It was a departure from my usual writing and recording method but one that opened my eyes and ears to a new way of making music.

I could not be happier with either the journey of discovery or the final mixed and mastered song. And, every time I listen to the lyrics of My Soul is Rising I feel convicted to let go of whatever latest whiny thought is holding me captive.

I hope both the song and the podcast help you to find the blues skies behind those pesky dark clouds.

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  1. I was riding in the car to Orlando when I first heard this song immediately Loved it, it spoke to me deep inside after carrying around the pain of losing my daughter. It gave me hope sounded so cheerful, the tune.

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