Walking in the Woods

Here’s the latest A Curious Child Podcast episode: ‘Walking the Woods’

Once again it is conversation about songwriting, making music, the life lessons we stumble upon when we least expect it… and, as the song title suggests, about the positive effects that a solitary day of walking in the woods can have on us.

In the midst of a heavy European tour schedule I was to have one day off. I decided to spend it walking in a forest. During those glorious few hours I found a quietness that I had long forgotten, one that inspired this song and, a daily practice of seeking out this quietness, even in my home town of Los Angeles.

I also found my way into the writing of songs of a different kind (both style and genre) and this too opened up a whole new world for me… and access to an audience I had previously ignored.

As well as the podcast there is another free lesson up on my Thinkific Page.



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  1. Hey Chris – Paul Aldrich here (in Franklin TN). Just listened to your podcast and loved it. So great to hear your voice again. Sounds like you’re alive and well and still bringing it! Blessings to you and your family – PA

    1. Hey Paul, so great to hear from you and receive your thumbs up. All is well with family and life. I am overdue a Nashville visit and if I am down that way I’ll try to hook up. Cheers, Chris

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