Lessons of a River Child

Oh that I could see through the eyes of a Child again!

I am on a quest. To stir up the imagination of a child, while living in this aging adult form.

It is no easy feat to close the book on experience, or lay aside the study, or practices required to live and work as a musician, let alone survive in a big city market place like LA. To be like a child is a fine thought but how do I shut off the adult distractions, the noise of the world, the political, social and cultural happenings around me? And what about my clients, friends and local community, summed up in a whole bag full of relationships and responsibilities? And then there are the unpaid bills, the emails, the calendar reminders, the texts and phone calls. It’s hard work being a grown up!

There are several things I do to unlock the imprisoned child within. Some of the best of times are when I’m strumming a few chords on my guitar, humming a jumble of words and tune, without trying to write anything particular. Sometimes I end up, quite by chance, with a song like this one.

It was during the process of writing River Child that I began to imagine myself as that little child in the photo, peering into the moving waters, wondering, what it would be like if I just dived in, clothes and all, to let the river take me where it will.

I would spend many splendiferous hours lost in childlike day dreams, playing in and round the river; an activity I enjoyed immensely as a child along the river banks of Georges River and the Macleay … that was until I grew up and put away such childish ways.

As with all things to do with change or growth… I am very much in the process of it all. But I sure do like being a curious child now and then. It’s a bit like playing hide and seek with my adult self. Sometimes ‘he’ can’t find me for days.

If you are interested to hear more about this journey of mine and or, the song stories from River Child and others, check out the Podcast, A Curious Child.

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