Now and then, when I had fallen into yet another chaotic and messy situation (of my own making) my mother would remind me of my 1st grade report card that said:

If there’s a difficult way to do it, Chris will find it.

It has taken me a few years to learn how to recuse myself from this governing character trait. The cure, I discovered, was to seek and then practice what I consider to be… uncomplicated love. This love is even better than unconditional love, which is pretty good too I must say. But uncomplicated love is well… without complications.

It is of course, by trail and error, but with daily attention my behavior is becoming less chaotic, as is my ability to love others. I am working hard at relaxing into all things uncomplicated. And it seems to be working.

I am, I must admit, like an alcoholic. Everyday is a whole new thing unto itself. One good day does have a carry on effect into the next however a day without attention or practice… well I can feel myself falling back into old behavioral patters in which I make everything… work, decisions, relationships, plans… ah… complicated.

And thus with consistent daily practice of letting go, I am growing in confidence. My hope? That one day I’ll be able to carry this uncomplicated love with me at all times… any and every place I go.

Look Out World!

It was in recognizing the pain in the eyes of another that inspired this song. And then I saw myself in this song mirror and thus ‘oh physician’ I wrote in search of some healing for myself too.

Sometimes we don’t know that we are holding on to pain, the effects of trauma, the weight of our own poor decisions or mistakes, the hurtful words spoken or the emotional damage other’s have caused us. And so, it usually takes a kind of intervention from a friend or a stranger, or a songwriter to help us first identify the problem and then show us how we might let go of the things holding us captive.

These tangled and thorny issues we inadvertently gather on our journey sure do complicate our lives. Without their influence, oh what freedom we might enjoy.

I like this saying of Jimmy Breslin. It’s about the prison that alcohol can be for some but it carries a universal truth for all.

When you stop drinking, you have to deal with this marvelous personality that started drinking in the first place.

Jimmy Breslin

I have found that music and or songs are often the best medicine, for just about any malady. If I can’t find the right dose from any of these pieces by James Taylor, Bach, The Blue Nile or Van Morrison, I might even just sing one of my own songs to myself.

Listening to This is Our Time, always reminds me to let go of the internal stuff and move on.

Give it a try… you might find it works for you too.


I discuss the writing process at length during the Podcast A Curious Child in the Episode entitled Letting Go. For those who are interested, there’s a little lesson (of the same name) on discovering chords and harmony on my chrisfalson.thinkific site.

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    1. Hey Bill. Thanks for the comment. We probably share a lot of common parent sayings or fears. This was one of the kinder ones :). Yeah fam is well. My younger son James is churning out some music, in a somewhat similar vein to your electronic stuff. If you are interested, check out Droid Bishop on YouTube. Otherwise… hope to catch up soon, cheers, Chris

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