It is a dangerous hour to share one’s opinions on taxes, welfare, the poor, government versus charity and so on… because it is election time.

With the wrong word spoken one could lose friends.

But I am prepared to blog that risk.

We live in a comparatively free world. We won’t have our head removed or be sent to prison for speaking against and or challenging the authority of our leaders.

But sometimes this ‘right to freedom’ turns us into a type of prisoner… for as we zealously champion our rights, denouncing any who oppose us, we are often locked inside small minded battles… in which there are no winners… no matter who you vote for.

For there is a greater freedom that can abide within us all… and one against which we must wage war by the hour to maintain. And this is the freedom to love our neighbors as ourselves… or love everyone in the manner we would like to be loved.

Someone once said that there was no greater love than to lay your life down for another. And yet, in election time it appears the mantra is “whats in it for me?”.

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed but there are more homeless in our cities and suburbs than any time in history. Is this the fruit of our culture, that we, as a nation could bathe in so much wealth and still ‘leave so many behind’?

I remember reading a story about this guy Paul who wrote a letter to his friends in Macedonia. He wanted these friends to be aware of the extreme poverty of others nearby and then he asked them to give… and to take some responsibility in the sufferings of people just like them. This giving he writes is not really a sacrifice but an honor.

I once read an ancient translation of his letter and I quote “… this isn’t so others can take it easy while you sweat it out… no you are shoulder to shoulder with them all the way, your surplus matching their deficit. In the end you come out even…. Nothing left over to the one with the most and nothing lacking to the one with the least.”

Today these are fighting words to some… it smells of socialism.

In the old days it was called love.

selfish |ˈselfi sh |
(of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure : I joined them for selfish reasons.

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