The Maverick Saints: Glory Glory

Despite all the chaos upon the earth today, I enter this festive season with a hope I have not felt in a long while. It re-appeared when I stopped shaking my fist at the world and started looking about me, at my friends, my family, my neighbors… at who I am and what I was put on this earth to do.

In this realignment I stumbled upon a fresh stream of creativity and, with a sense of child like enthusiasm, I have been waking each morning with a new idea for a song or, the solution to (one of many) unfinished songs of mine or, a fresh arrangement of a classic song; one that I had always wanted to sing and now could make it my own.

One of the joys of making music is in the collaborating with others, especially when any of these folk provoke me to sing, play and or write better than I have done before. For many months now Sandra Stephens and I have been writing songs and rethinking old ones, developing a sound that we can easily replicate, in the studio, on stage, just the two of us or, with a larger ensemble. This new sound isn’t really anything one could call new or world changing… but the pleasure in making it… well… it just seems so new and fresh to us.

What began as a conversation, of our vastly different upbringings, the histories of our peoples, the contrasting musical and cultural influences, has now developed a most natural way of interpreting songs.

We call this new sound “The Maverick Saints”. As you might have guessed, one of us is more maverick and the other, a tad more saintly… but we feel that this name suits us… and that it describes our music and, the path that many of us are on right now.

We have recorded a few live videos (for your pleasure) and, over this next season, we will be inviting other musicians and singers around the world to join us to enrich the sound of The Maverick Saints, to develop the larger story (of us all) and, to write and produce new music, podcasts, videos and, to take this ‘new’ sound on the road.

In the mean time, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

I hope that each of you can find a fresh stream of hope of your own.



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