I’ve Been Missing The Grease

I am working on my set list for the next Party for the Soul event down in Carlsbad August 18th, a festive occasion with great food, music, dance and live art.

As I look through my repertoire of my own songs and favorite covers I begin to reminisce… of some great moments playing these songs with various friends… on stages and studios around the world.

Like this short video. With Linda, Vonne and Angie laying down the grease during the recording of the You Got Wings album.

The band for the 18th will start off as a 3 piece with Kevin Walt on bass and Joe Urquhart on drums… but as this is a party… I am expecting a few rings-ins to jump up on stage with us to add a bit more musical chaos to our our bluesy-gospel sound.

If you are in the So-Cal area… come and join the party. If you are not sure what to expect… it will be something like this clip (featuring Jeff Crabtree) from the Mango Tree sessions, one of the great House Part venues in the world.

For more info on the event, Click on this link.

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