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Its not every day that you get to play with members of the Doobie Bros & Fleetwood Mac… or trade songs with the engineer/producer of Chicago, Eagles, Keb Mo and many others. But that’s what I’ll be doing this Sunday evening @ McCabe’s in Sant Monica.

The show starts at 8pm with me as the opening act, then I’ll be changing hats to play the role of sideman in the band with Hank Linderman & Friends.

While better known for his studio work for Eagles and others, Hank is a fabulous story teller in song, with hints of many of his favorite songwriters (Joni Mitchell, Elvis Costello, Lyle Lovett, Tom Petty) flowing through his own original songs. If you are a fan of good songwriting, guitar pickin’ virtuosity and tight Poco-esque harmonies… you are in for a great night.

While the sound of the band is your Americana, acoustic singer-songwriter kinda’ vibe there’s some pretty cool things going on in the background too, with  John McFee (Doobies) playing pedal steel, fiddle and dobro, Brett Tuggle (Fleetmac, Jimmy Page) on pump organ, wurlitzer and melodica… with a few special guests (that I am not allowed to mention) adding backing vocals and or ‘hitting things’ here and there.

I have had to pinch myself several times during the rehearsals.

“Am I dreaming” my internal voices asks “or am I really trading licks with my hero’s?”

To be playing along side these world renowned musicians is a gift. To have them play along with me as I perform my own songs… well… its so much fun I wish we could do it every Sunday night.

I hope that some of you locals can attend the concert… and I truly wish the event was just around the corner so that all my other friends scattered around the globe could just drop by to enjoy the moment with me.

If you are interested in attending, click here for the McCabe’s ticket office.

If you need a link to share with friends, here’s a brief description, map and times.



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