Every song has its season… right now, this is the song that’s working for me… the one that gets my heart right of a morning… prepares me for a better day.


I long to be with you

And see things through his eyes
All things in perspective
The truth over the lies
My purpose is revealed
As I near your Throne
And the longer that I stay here
The more it feels like home

Like Home

It’s here I find the strength
To the leave the past behind
Forgetting what I cannot do
As your thoughts fill my mind
So comfortable with angels
I sing their brand new song
And I know that I am in a place
where I do belong



Chris Falson (c) Leather Chair Songs 2015
released September 22, 2017
All instruments, vocals, noise, mistakes, tracking, mixing and artwork by Chris Falson
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  1. Hey Chris, it’s been awhile. Hope you and Karen are well. Beautiful song and love your raw truth…..mistakes, noise along with all the other good stuff. Have a blessed Christmas.
    Debby (the Waters)

  2. Pat Snyder

    Great to see you still doing what you do so well. Love this tune, it’s beautiful, makes me want to stop what I’m doing and “be where I belong”.
    You are loved and missed around here. It’s been more than a while, it’s been too long. Hope you can come visit sometime soon. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and Karen and the boys…..errrr….men.
    Pat and Robb

  3. Love you Chris Falcon … I haven’t heard from you in a long time.
    We always use to sing 🎤 your songs. (I’m a Vocalist)

    Pure Joy, Calling JesuS; the amazing stories was the band that you had.
    Where are you these DaYs?
    Anyways, I’d love to listen to your new songs.

    1. Thanks Bobbi… for your most encouraging comment and for being a singer who sings my songs. Where am I?…. I’m living in Los Angeles and in my Jack of all trades outfit, making a living writing and performing music, songs, some story telling and some Church stuff. Cheers, Chris

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