I Surrender (… Again)

I confess; I have prayed or muttered the words ‘I Surrender’… on more than one occasion…

I have surrendered to love, to God, to my soul, to my true identity…

Each time, though the waving of the white flag was heartfelt and sincere, I would somehow forget that there was a process to the act of surrendering… that it wasn’t just a few words spoken, but that there was always much to dismantle, to disarm, to hand over, to walk away from… or let die.

Faced with the most recent mountain range of obstacles (the tallest and scariest thus far in my journey) my surrendering was able to reach down to a new level. And for the first time, I could feel that I had really given up the fight… not the good fight but the one in which I was constantly wrestling with who I am and who I was designed to be.

I cannot explain it better than with this simple little song. Not my best work perhaps, nor the best recording or performance… but in this surrendering… I have a new understanding of the carefree… and the child within me has come alive again… and is now calling the shots.

Love to the little children in you all,



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  1. Great song Chris … have always been touched by your words and music … we just missed each other in the CCCB days .. I played lead with Rick founds f0r years and always loved and inspired by your musicianship and sensitivity to what your heart sings and plays to our Lord and Savior

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