Swiss Tour- December 2016

I am on tour right now with Sandra Stephens and the Small Town Boys… in Switzerland. Its a tough life but someone’s got to live it.

This little video is from this the House Concert from earlier this week in the charming (300 year old) House of Schramm in the village of Bürglen. About 60 people joined us for a lovely evening of music, story telling, Glue Vine & Risotto.

Here are the upcoming dates and events… (more to be added soon)

Saturday, 10.12. Richbee’s Whiskey & Wine Weinfelden 17.00-19.00

Sunday, 11.12. Giessenpark Weinfelden Church-Service 10.00

Monday, 12.12. Christmas-Party Fontis, Basel 16.00

Tuesday, 13.12. Fontis-Book-Store Wil, 16.00-17.30
Tuesday, 13.12. Christmas-Dinner Gebr. Spiegel, Out of Bounds Kreuzlingen 20.00-22.00 h

Thursday, 15.12. Fontis-Book-Store Winterthur, 17.00

Saturday, 17.12. Fontis-Book-Store Aarau, 13.00-14.30

Sunday, 18.12. Church Bürglen with the Local Gospel Choir

Friday, 06.01. Rest. Pöstli, Bischofszell

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