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You will find most of my commercially released music up on the usual digital platforms like iTunes and Spotify… and a whole bunch of other stuff including bootleg albums and singles on our Band Camp product page.

We are developing a few new artists on our label and, with remixes underway of a lot of the music and songs I wrote for film and television, we hope to release several new albums in 2019-20.

I enjoy writing in a wide variety of musical styles… and thus I recognize that I might confuse some of my ‘fans’ from time to time, especially if they have me labelled as one kind of artist, belonging to a singular style of music. My songs cross over many genres, from gospel to rock,  Church worship to bar room blues, singer songwriter to electronica instrumentalist, jazz wanna-be to orchestral composer. Some of my songs are sung in Churches around the world while others are featured in network TV shows and feature films. I like to write for different audiences and mediums. Each provide a challenge and that makes writing music much more interesting to me. And I realize that this can also make it difficult for audiences…. some are fans of one style and quite bemused by another.

Hey as Bing Crosby said “Don’t fence me in!”

Since 2016 I have been writing ‘whatever I feel like’… from Americana Folk, Prog Rock, traditional Church hymns to Bar Room blues songs…. and I am having fun writing songs and producing music that I haven’t tried before.

During 2012-2015 most of my time was spent writing and producing music for Television and indie film projects. However, I wrote a lot of gospel songs during this season and subsequently produced the “You Got Wings” album.

In March 2011 I released  “Rescue Me”. In some ways it is a blend of all my previous albums, featuring musicians from the Amazing Stories (now Rhythm Gospel & Blues), with guest vocals from Sandra Stephens and Sam Sparro.

In 2008 I released “Flesh & Bone”, a somewhat reflective, acoustic/vocal album, in the vein of Jack Johnson, James Taylor, Sufjan Stevens and Donavon Frankenreiter.

Prisoner of Hope” best reflects the sound and success I have enjoyed in ‘Hollywood’. An earlier album “Chris Falson”…. known as the black and white album…. has a similar vibe and if you enjoy one you may enjoy the other.

The Quiet, is another reflective, acoustic/vocal album, however this is more gospel or hymnal in nature. Tree by the Water and The Amazing Stories (Live) feature many of my songs that are sung in Churches and the fabulous voices of Linda McCrary and the Amazing Stories….. the albums are ‘bluesy’…… someone described our sound as ‘blue eyed gospel’.

For Dreamers Only was my first solo album…..and is just instrumental music. Because I was known for ‘jamming’ at the end of songs (the never ending ending….) people kept requesting an album of reflective music. A few years ago I wrote and produced a similar album entitled “Use Words if You Have To”.

Here are a few other projects you may or may not have heard.


The-Making-of-A-Man-Cover-300x300This could be called “The Making of an Album” as it took nearly 20 years to complete. I recorded some of the songs in San Diego circa 1993  with Keith Walker (Crowded House, Midnight Oil) and Robert Vaughn, while the remaining songs were recorded with Chris Rich and  Neville L’Green, Dave Raven and John Nau (members of the Amazing Stories) around 2001. The album is quite similar to the Chris Falson (Black & White) album… a mixture of bluesy, moody, jammy pieces with strong Floyd, Clapton, JT, Beatle influences.

Although the actual album has, until now, never been commercially released, many of the songs were licensed to various TV and film projects around the world. (e.g. Without a Trace, CSI Miami, Las Vegas, Ed, Queer Eye, Jake 2.0) I am not sure of any sensible reason why, but as I continued to write and produce other albums, this one project remained the forgotten step child. Now however, with the advent of Sounds Dangerous we have mastered this collection of songs (yes there are others waiting to be loved), stuck a photo of me (aged 21 ish) on the cover… the making of a man… and have released it to the music loving fans around the world!!!!


One-Moment-2_Cover-200x200(The follow up to The Quiet)
During the summer of 2011 we had the keys to a friend’s house in the hills of Carpinteria. Most weekends we would escape the hubbub of Los Angeles for the tranquil vibes of humming birds, wind in the willows (gum trees actually) and long walks around the mesa. One week, while my wife was away visiting family I decided to have a time of quietness… kind of a retreat up in these hills… and to experiment recording my personal worship times without the assistance of a recording engineer. So I set up my portable recording studio in the living room overlooking the coast of Santa Barbara (its tough but someone has to do it)… placed a few mic’s for vocals and guitar… and just sat there for hours singing my favorite worship songs and hymns to God… and this album is the result.


Use_Words_Cover-321x300Another product of my time in Carpinteria is this instrumental project. I wrote most of the tunes sitting in the same living room listening to the birds and the wind in the trees and gazing out at the long coastal sunsets. I also wrote several pieces sitting in my favorite barn in all the world… in a little village in Switzerland. It is not a coincidence that these two locations symbolize to me the seasons of restoration or inner quietness… and without any striving I wrote not just this album, but many songs over the years in these life giving environments. The album is bit like my earlier album “For Dreamers Only” however the sounds, instruments and melodies reflect my years living in America and the influences of Americana and the music ‘south of the border’. If you are a fan of Ottmar Liebert, Pink Martini, John Mayer, Larry Carlton, Earl Klugh you may like this album.


The-Live-Collection_Album_2-300x300Over the years we must have recorded hundreds of live shows, concerts or worship services… and while the live performances often left people ‘wanting more’ the 2 track recordings were usually (99% of time) dreadful. HOWEVER we found a handful of live recordings that passed the “ouch I’m flat… I hit a bum note… you played a wrong chord… I forgot the words” test… and decided to have them mastered for release. While the sonic quality does not compare to any of my studio recordings these tracks do have something special about them… and for some of my friends who snagged a pre-release copy… this is their favorite album of mine. From memory some of the musicians who chimed in during these live moments were Tony Green, Susan Constantini Green, James Bowen, Danny Ybarra, Gary Krohn and Michael Campion.


rescuemefrontcoverConceived for a friend of mine who has struggled with a debilitating illness for most of her life. The concept was this…. “What if” I could just sit in her in room for a moment to sing and play my music over her life. Accompanied by the very sensitive Tony Green, Susan Constantini Green, Dave Raven, Sandra Stephens and Sam Sparro, Rescue Me is a musical journey of rest, self discovery and belief.

The eighth solo album from the Australian singer/songwriter, now living in Los Angeles, who manages to straddle the worlds of film music (plenty of money) and Christian music (very little). This project, originally released in 2009 features Chris’ usual aggregation of musicians, The Amazing Stories, with a couple of guest vocalists, Sandra Stephens (best known for her pioneering gospel dance recordings with N-Soul Records back in the ’90s) and Sam Sparro (who is of course both Chris’ son and a bona fide pop star). Chris has been making albums since 1989 but this one is a bit different. He describes it as “a musical journey of rest, self-discovery and belief; a healing album conceived for a friend who was suffering from a debilitating illness”. There are nine tracks and they are all longish. The mood throughout is intimate, even meditational, with a pared-down sound from the band. Track one is basically an instrumental, centred around the hypnotically repeated “Breathe in, breathe out”. The album’s concept takes us through being lost (the title track) and “I Want To Believe” (with a funky jazz feel) to the uplifting lyrics of “Unconditional Love”. My favourite was “In This Moment”, with effective interplay between the vocal line and the electric guitar. The later tracks are consoling and affirming and end by celebrating God’s love in “Shine”, with its late-night feel and join-in chorus. A classy album for Falson’s small but committed band of supporters.

Reviewed by Stella Redburn for Cross Rhythms Radio (UK)


a2904939921_2The sound of Flesh & Bone is open and acoustic and it features the lovely and sensitive performances of Tony Green on upright bass, Susan Constantini Green on acoustic piano and Danny Ybarra on percussion. As well as being great friends, these guys make up the nuclei of my band here in LA and I feel quite naked when I have to perform without them.

Hope you enjoy. Would love your feedback…good or other.


prisoner-359x288April 2004 we, The Oxygen Thieves invaded the McSparren household just off the Miracle Mile, filling every available space with electric and acoustic noise makers. All the songs were recorded live…. you know… like the good old days….. fixing only the really bad bits and adding a harmony or solo once we had all agreed ( a miracle in itself) on a good take. We wanted the album to sound true and organic and so have left alone the very human aspects of jamming, the natural ambiance of city traffic and bird life and of course the occasional slamming of doors and creaking of chairs. All of these songs were written for people I have met in my travels over the past year or so.

1.Back on My Feet 2.Rhythms of Grace 3.Come Home 4.Love Found Me 5.Only Love 6.Prisoner of Hope 7.Change the World 8.You All Along 9.It’s a Beautiful Day 10.The Path


quiet“For Many years people had been asking me , ‘do you have an album with just your voice and your guitar?’ My answer has always been a resounding no, and up until very recently I had absolutely no desire or plans to make such an album. Strange though it may seem I feel quite naked and vulnerable (and quite nervous) performing on my own and yet it is often during these (odd) occasions strumming to my own voice that I experience a unique sense of peace and freedom. I had always considered myself primarily a band musician, enjoying the creative support of other musicians. However, I have somehow found an enjoyment over the past eighteen months playing solo and have actually discovered a new way of expressing myself as an artist. And so I gradually softened to the idea (with the help of my wife’s constant urging) of this ‘just me and my guitar’ project. During a season of rest (which really means I had no work) my friend Chris Rich called up to say that he had a few days open in his studio. I explained the idea of a quiet album and he said, “let’s do it!” Days later, armed with a few guitars, I drove over to his studio “The Shed” and in two very lazy days we recorded and mixed this album. Mostly new with a few old favourites, these are some of the songs that I like to sing to myself when in pursuit of ‘the quiet’.”

Chris Falson, September 2000.

1.Were you There? 2.Teach me Lord 3.Who Would Lay His Life Down 4.No Eye Has Seen 5. I’ve Been With My Lover 6.I Can Hear The Angels Singing 7.Without You I’m? 8.Jesus Crucified 9.Unconditional Love 10.I Need More


treeplanted“A Tree By The Water” maintains the loose-but-tight character and feel of Chris’s earlier albums that has led some critics to refer to his sound as reminiscent of James Taylor, Van Morrison and latter-day Clapton. Filled with Chris’s subtly brilliant acoustic and electric guitar work, and songs that range from gentle ballads to bluesy rockers and soulful Gospel, it continues Falson’s groundbreaking role in expanding the boundaries of modern worship music. “

Reviewed by Gordon Ely of Billboard Magazine

1.Like A Tree 2.To Be With You 3.Everything’s Alright 4.More Of Jesus 5.Holy Spirit 6.The Throne Room 7.Here I Am Lord 8.Wash My Sins Away 9.Peace Of God 10.I Will Wake In The Morning 11.I Want To Be Like Jesus


dreamers-300x288Chris’ first solo project recorded in 1989 is this Instrumental album. Recorded with many of the musicians featured on Chris’ other albums this is the ideal “turn out the lights, sit in you favorite chair, close your eyes and forget about your problems” album. Over the years Chris has always featured a set of contemplative music in his concerts and after constant requests from fans and friends he re-released this CD with 2 bonus tracks for our enjoyment.

1.Here Comes The Dreamer 2.Lord Of My Dreams 3.The Tide Is Turning 4.Peace 5.For Dreamers Only 6.Angels 7.The Cross 8.Dusk


liveworship-200x200NOTE: Unavailable @ Sounds Dangerous

Review Premier Magazine UK

“Australian songwriter Chris Falson’s live performance mixes his gruff Joe Cocker style vocals with bluesy playing and gospel vocal backings. The mix makes this album an inspiring worship experience. From the Hammond organ filled groove of the opener Standing On The Rock through to the simplicity of the atmospheric gentle worship of Pure Joy and Let Me Be A Worshipper, Falson certainly has a soulful approach! Contributions from legendary Gospel vocalist Linda McCrary only serve to give this a touch of class and all eleven songs go to prove what a fine songwriter Falson has become.”

1.Standing On The Rock 2.Let Me Be A Worshipper 3.Come To The Waters 4.Help Me To Forgive 5.The Heavens Round Your Throne 6.Pure Joy 7.We Need A King 8.All Honour 9.I See The Lord 10.One Voice 11.Calling Jesus


chrisalbumPremier Magazine UK: “Chris Falson’s debut album on Broken records features tasty, blues influenced guitar licks, songs that speak to the heart and mind, and memorable vocals.”

This was Chris’ first solo album as a singer/songwriter. It was produced by Robert Vaughn (Island Records) and engineered by Keith Walker (Crowded House, Midnight Oil). Recorded in Sydney and Mixed in LA the album was released by Broken Records in 1992. The track Good People was released as a single and received steady rotation on radio stations around the US. Though the album is often ‘unavailable’ it remains a favourite of diehard Falson fans.

1.Cool Water 2. One Day 3.Good People 4.Jamming With The Angels 5.Wake Up 6.Who Do You Love? 7.Ease The Pain 8.I Am Waiting 9. Wind In His Hair/Can You Go The Distance?


  1. Hi Chris – remember back in the day.,,1990, producing that video based around ‘For Deeamers Only’? I hear the master is down in one of the storage sheds in Oxford Falls. Must go and fish it out! Anyway, is there some place I can download the tracks from that Album and the next one with ‘Jamming on the rooftop’? I’ve only got them on cassettes and that just doesn’t do it for me in the days of digital downloads. Anyway, drop me a line when you’re next in Australia. It’d be good to catch up. Blessings, Mark

  2. I am trying to get hold of an album associated with Christian City Church in the 90’s with the song ‘God is Beginning to Rise’ on and some gorgeous saxophone playing as well as a piece that had the obscure lyric ‘metal cats meowing’. I’ve been feeling all nostalgic to get hold of that music again but don’t know how to since I think our version was a cassette tape that got thrown away. I wondered if you were playing on it and might know.

    1. Hi Roslyn. Yes that is a great song… I have not played for some time… and I need to. I think if you contact C3 Oxford Falls you may find a copy of the album (not sure which one it is one).

  3. Hi Chris, I remember that “For Dreamers Only” video that had you out in the bush talking about the importance of time away with God. The ideas are still with me. Thanks. Interesting that you continued to work with John Nau in later albums. Ever catch up with Robert Vaughn these days? A talented man, who should have gone further. Dave Raven – a great drummer. Saw him live in NZ with Keaggy and Stonehill in the 80’s. Well, keep writing and performing, I love your work. How about a tour of NZ one day? I can get a gig for you here!

    1. Hi Wayne, thanks for the email. Yes I still see quite a lot of Robert Vaughn. He is very creative guy with songwriting and producing etc. He has a studio in LA and works with indie artists and on the occasional film. John Nau is a red hot Ad music producer and his studio produces high end Coke ads and the like and for fun he runs a jazz event in Venice several times a month. Ironically I met Dave in NZ on that same tour. Always hoping for another NZ tour… not sure when. Where are you based? Chris

      Hi Chris, I remember that “For Dreamers Only” video that had you out in the bush talking about the importance of time away with God. The ideas are still with me. Thanks. Interesting that you continued to work with John Nau in later albums. Ever catch up with Robert Vaughn these days? A talented man, who should have gone further. Dave Raven – a great drummer. Saw him live in NZ with Keaggy and Stonehill in the 80′s. Well, keep writing and performing, I love your work. How about a tour of NZ one day? I can get a gig for you here!

      1. Darn! I didn’t realise that you had replied to me back then…sorry about that. I live in Hamilton New Zealand now and actually run a fan website for Robert Vaughn and the Shadows. A couple of his ex-bandmates have a new album out and I did some of the artwork for the cover. Great that you see a bit of Rob, because as you will know he has had a tough time over the last few years. The offer of a NZ gig is still there!

  4. Dear Chris, I am a school Chaplain from NZ and trying to find your sheet music for I Walk By Faith. Am I able to purchase this directly from you? Thanks, Jill,NZ

  5. Dear Chris,
    Thank you for your honest music, i listen a lot the “quiet album” while driving or when i need a peaceful moment. This is good to go back to the root of worship with just an instrument.

    i have four of your albums, i am not a fan, just i thank God for what he gave you coz’ you give it back in your music.

    i was searching the album of the “cafe M” concert but could not find it, where can we buy this concert?

    thanks per advance for your kind answer.

    Be blessed.


  6. Estimado Chris,
    vidaven aquel
    Gracias por su atención a la presente:

    hace ya algunos años, bueno muchos años, escuche el canto de Todo honor, el cual ministro mi vida, y me gustaria, si estuviera en sus posibilidades me pudiera enviar el audio y acordes de ese precioso canto.
    Gracias por adelantado por su amable respuesta.

    Se bendecido.

  7. Dear Chris,
    Thanks for the great, long enduring encouragement I have found in your song “Can You Go The Distance?” that I first heard at a Promise Keepers event of the very same title so long ago. I feel sure many men that heard this song in these many PK events were and possibly are still being transformed by the reflective thoughts this song invokes in a person. “Can you go the distance?, Make it across the finish line?, Write your name in glory!!!
    I’ll be looking for you brother when he comes to take us there,! I’m so ready for some Jammin’ With The Angels!!!

    1. Thank You Mark. I guess the song still holds a lot of meaning for me too… I remember the season that I wrote it… it was a special time. Thanks for the encouragement. Chris

  8. Hey Chris, how can I get chords/sheet music to your stuff? I’ve actually been trying to find music to “I Will Sing A New Song”. Can’t locate it anywhere. I’d love your help!

    Thanks for your music man!

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