chris falson

Singer-Songwriter, Studio Musician, Composer

To book a concert, Church event or song writing class please contact us @
Click here for information on House Concerts.
Click here for a synopsis on the ‘Professional Songwriter’ class.
For more information on Chris’ training methods visit us @ Planted by the Water, a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization founded by Chris, based in Los Angeles California; Its mission, to stir up the creative gifts amongst artists (musicians, singers, fine artists, actors, writers and story tellers) so that the expression of ‘art’ moves away from just being ‘nice’ to agents of change,  well being, hope, healing and love.






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  1. hi chris,
    mike here hope your doing well. i’m in the florida panhandle now and still doing pro tools. i don’t have you email anymore otherwise i would have just emailed you there. i have been doing more tracks and was wondering if Doug still works for Kid Glove Publishing. i would love to be able to send out some more music but don’t have his email either. hope to here from you soon chris and i’m very thankful for you giving me the opp. in the past to send you guys music for placement. tell sam i said hi too.

    much thanks,

    mike (donz) donohue

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