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Big Bash at Byron-Ballina

Hey there all you guys and gals in northern NSW and south Queensland. We (me, David Raven and Isaac Frankham) are doing a little tour… a mixture of Pubs and Worship events.
Hope to see your lovely faces at some of these events.
Thursday 26th Feb Hotel Brunswick (with Dan Hannaford)
Friday 27th Feb The Rails Byron Bay (with Dan Hannaford)
Saturday 28th Feb Kingscliff Hotel (with Dan Hannaford)
Sunday 1st March 10.30 am… morning service at C3 Ballina.
Sunday 1st March pm… Mango Tree Sessions.

Wednesday March 4th, Ballina C3… 7pm…open worship event
Saturday March 7th, Grafton Racetrack Blues and Brews (with Dan Hannaford)
Sunday March 8th 10.30 am, Ballina C3

We’ll be playing music like this… (David Raven-Drums and Vocals)

And a lot of this…

And a bit of this…

More info to follow.

That’s not how we Play it!

There is a quality in a musician that is more important to me than either skill or professionalism and this is a childlike love for the unknown… an openness to the discovery of something new.

I view a performance, whether it be on stage or in the studio as a moment of its own.

This particular shared moment has never happened before and will never happen again. It is ours to create and enjoy together. more to see over here →