chris falson

Singer-Songwriter, Studio Musician, Composer

Chris has a catalog of over 500 tracks of pre-cleared original music/songs available for licensing through Sounds Dangerous, a music production, licensing and distribution company co-founded by Chris in 2012. Click here for the Sounds Dangerous site.

Chris has licensed over 200 songs/tracks to Film, Network Television and Advertising productions. Click here to view a Full list of Credits.

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The Founding of Sounds Dangerous

by Chris Falson

When I first entered the music licensing world as a songwriter/producer one of my early ‘new comer’ observations was that most requests for songs seemed to be in that ‘last minute panic mode”, especially concerning US network episodic television placements. There are many reasons for this, with tight deadlines, shifting budgets, last minute scene additions or edits and of course the failure to clear licenses on time. Over coffee one day, after I had become chatty with one of the more successful music composers I posed this question.

“Are there any song genres or subject matters that you have more need (or requests) for than others? And if so, could you let me know ahead of time so I can pull a team of songwriters together and create a catalog for these future needs”.

FYI, I had tried to get my agent (at the time) to ask this question on my behalf, but he told me flatly that that was not how things were done in Hollywood. But I was both too much of a newcomer… and ah… too stubborn to let this be the end of it. I at least wanted the question asked.

And so, over the coffee I discovered that in that particular season, with the recent boom in reality television and the success of many new relational drama series that yes… there was an insatiable need for the ‘make up-break up’ songs. And with that information.. or should I say ‘insider knowledge’ I headed off to first round up an eclectic bunch of good songwriters (many of whom were singer/songwriters performing in around LA) and then put them to work. And over the next few years we produced collection after collection of the ‘love and hate’ song genre with literally hundreds of placements on everything from CSI, Without a Trace, Queer Eye, Meet My Folks, Date my Mom, Punk’d, Ed, One Tree Hill, Las Vegas, Felicity, Angel, Alias, Smallville and shows that have come and gone and some long forgotten.

This was also the birthing of what is now Sounds Dangerous, and we continue today to ask our clients what they need in this current season and or what productions or events they have in mind for the future… and we prepare as best we can to be ready with songs, sounds, music and music makers.



  1. Erdelyi Zoltan

    August 6, 2013 at 4:18 am

    I love your Live Worship album, “With Amazing Stories”.

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