Chris is known in the worship/gospel communities for writing and producing such songs as ‘Help Me to Forgive’,  ‘I See the Lord‘, ‘I Walk by Faith’, ‘Pure Joy’, and ‘All Honor’, ‘Peace of God’, ‘Unconditional Love’, ‘Like a Tree’, ‘Wash my Sins Away’ and ‘Help Me to Forgive’.

Chris also writes and produces original songs, music and sound design for film, television, advertising and music industry clients such as NBC, CBS,The Disney Channel, WB, PBS, A&E, The Outdoor Channel, The E!Channel, Apple, Avon, Haier, NAB,  EMI, Universal Music, Island Records, Maranatha! Music, Kingsway Music, 3 Ring Circus, Strike Accord, The Ottenberg, and Asaph CH.

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Chris works out of the Sounds Dangerous Studio in Hollywood with a team of A list musicians, singers and engineers. If you need a specific piece of music, an original score, song or sound designed for your project contact us at

Check out some of Chris’ work.

23 Blast: Original Score, Original Song, Sound Design

Broken Dreams-MTV: Sound Design, Final Mix

Imagine Communications: Original Music

The Release: Original Score, Original Songs, Sound Design