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Every song has its season… right now, this is the song that’s working for me… the one that gets my heart right of a morning… prepares me for a better day.


I long to be with you

And see things through his eyes
All things in perspective
The truth over the lies
My purpose is revealed
As I near your Throne
And the longer that I stay here
The more it feels like home

Like Home

It’s here I find the strength
To the leave the past behind
Forgetting what I cannot do
As your thoughts fill my mind
So comfortable with angels
I sing their brand new song
And I know that I am in a place
where I do belong



Chris Falson (c) Leather Chair Songs 2015
released September 22, 2017
All instruments, vocals, noise, mistakes, tracking, mixing and artwork by Chris Falson

It’s Always You

What if your spiritual journey was not based merely upon a book, ancient or new… nor was it held together or given credence by the opinions of others (professing to be experts on the matter)?

What if you could go straight to the source… and discover for yourself whether or not there was a God of love, grace and mercy?

It sounds rather dangerous doesn’t it… to be allowed such a privilege… the freedom to investigate without ‘adult supervision’, to make these big decisions about the meaning of it all… on your own?

This seeking or questioning nature of mine has at times, I freely admit, led me into difficulties, especially with authority figures but without challenging, say, the very notion that there was no such thing as God… the strongly held ‘belief’ that intertwined my family and the artistic community into which I was born… well… I wonder what may have become of me?

My spirituality is shaped, not just by my atheist upbringing but also my first encounter with God, a kind of teenage ‘road to Damascus’ experience… on a leafy suburban street near my home in Sydney. This awakening of mine may have been a little different to some, for it was to a spiritual being rather than any religious faith or creed.  I had peeked behind the curtains of doubt and rationality and on discovering that this alternative universe was governed by a creator, an artisan… well, I opened the curtains a little wider and, with no one around to stop me… I stepped right in.  This one moment of madness was the beginning of an amazing journey not even Tolkien could have imagined.

And so, here I am today in this world of great confusion and chaos and, with my ears ringing from all the weighty arguments ‘in the name of God’ flying about social media (and the like)… I find myself, drifting further and further away from ‘the maddening crowd’, the noise and the clutter… to seek out the mysterious God, the one I first noticed in the stars, the wind, the trees and… once my eyes had become accustomed to his ways… everything in and around me.

“I hear the sound of the waves crashing to the shore.
You draw in me… into the deep
Deeper than I’ve been before”

I Surrender (… Again)

I confess; I have prayed or muttered the words ‘I Surrender’… on more than one occasion…

I have surrendered to love, to God, to my soul, to my true identity…

Each time, though the waving of the white flag was heartfelt and sincere, I would somehow forget that there was a process to the act of surrendering… that it wasn’t just a few words spoken, but that there was always much to dismantle, to disarm, to hand over, to walk away from… or let die.

Faced with the most recent mountain range of obstacles (the tallest and scariest thus far in my journey) my surrendering was able to reach down to a new level. And for the first time, I could feel that I had really given up the fight… not the good fight but the one in which I was constantly wrestling with who I am and who I was designed to be.

I cannot explain it better than with this simple little song. Not my best work perhaps, nor the best recording or performance… but in this surrendering… I have a new understanding of the carefree… and the child within me has come alive again… and is now calling the shots.

Love to the little children in you all,



A Party For The Soul

Party For Your Soul: July 22nd, Dana Point Harbor

We are throwing what we call Party For The Soul in Dana Point, right on the harbor at the Breakwater Events (Sailing Club) with live music (Rhythm Gospel & Blues), a live art performance, wine tasting, a cigar bar, a sumptuous supper and a Full Bar on show.

For this party by the sea, I am inviting some of my favorite gospel musicians and singers  including Linda McCrary Fisher (Stevie Wonder, Andre Crouch),  Sandra Stephens, John Schreiner (Chaka Kahn) plus a whole bunch of other special guests. We’ll be performing songs from our new album as well as our favorites songs from the likes of Andre Crouch, Van Morrison, Marvin Gaye and Nina Simone.

Tom Clark is producing a live art show… on stage with the band.

This will be some party.
The ticket price includes appetizers, a gourmet supper, Wine Tasting from Watts Winery, a complimentary Signature cocktail, one of the best ocean views on the west coast and all the music and art you can ‘soak up’ in one evening. Doors open at 5 pm… (for the sunset & happy hour)… Music will start to flow around 7pm.

Purchase Early Bird Tickets Online for $30 or buy 2 for $50. (Tickets at the door will be $35.00 each or 2 for $60.00)

For more information or to purchase tickets, click the Buy Tickets button below.

Buy tickets for Party For The Soul


Its Time for a New Album


Shine On You Crazy Diamond

I originally wrote this for a friend who was ‘having a terrible time of it’.

But the song has since become a story for many.

For all those who feel too old, too young, too skinny or fat, not smart enough, unloved or not ‘special’, that you have wasted your life and or that your best days are behind you.

The Universe says otherwise…

Shine: Featuring the beautiful Sandra Stephens and Rhythm Gospel & Blues.

Big Bash at Byron-Ballina

Hey there all you guys and gals in northern NSW and south Queensland. We (me, David Raven and Isaac Frankham) are doing a little tour… a mixture of Pubs and Worship events.
Hope to see your lovely faces at some of these events.
Thursday 26th Feb Hotel Brunswick (with Dan Hannaford)
Friday 27th Feb The Rails Byron Bay (with Dan Hannaford)
Saturday 28th Feb Kingscliff Hotel (with Dan Hannaford)
Sunday 1st March 10.30 am… morning service at C3 Ballina.
Sunday 1st March pm… Mango Tree Sessions.

Wednesday March 4th, Ballina C3… 7pm…open worship event
Saturday March 7th, Grafton Racetrack Blues and Brews (with Dan Hannaford)
Sunday March 8th 10.30 am, Ballina C3

We’ll be playing music like this… (David Raven-Drums and Vocals)

And a lot of this…

And a bit of this…

More info to follow.

Love Found Me

Love Found Me is one of a handful of favored songs I like to perform, either on my own or with the band… in clubs, prisons, rehab centers, churches or… around a camp fire. Its one of those songs that never fails me…

This live recording @ Cafe M in Long Beach, CA captures the essence of what the song is all about… I am nothing without Love… and the intuitive nature of the band members shine in the telling of this story through music.

And so a big Thanks to Rhythm Gospel and Blues featuring Sandra Stephens (vocals), Tony Green (Bass), Susan Constantini  (Keys) and David Raven (Drums) and an amazing crew of friends (anyone who owned a camera) and of course Hank Linderman (Eagles, Chicago, America) for producing-mixing the live audio recording.

The song was originally recorded on the Prisoner of Hope album… and I am sure it will be recorded a few more times on various projects in the near future.


I not only listened to Breezin by George Benson a ‘million times’ as a teenager I also learned all of the guitar solos and rhythm parts off by heart. His music was a bridge  between the Jazz of my father and the rock-fusion music I favored at the time… like Jeff Beck and Cream. And though I developed into more of a Rhythm and Blues/Folk guitar player… sometimes the George Benson licks just pop out.

In my early twenties I played in a band covering many of these tunes and for the most part I played Rhythm guitar… which I grew to enjoy… and on moving to LA some years later… this ability and or love for playing the Rhythm parts (and to have all the sounds and set-ups) put me in good stead and subsequently I found plenty of work touring and recording as the rhythm guitarist.

But thanks must go to Phil Upchurch, the rhythm guitar player for GB (and Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Donny Hathaway). He inspired me to find the groove laid down by the drums and bass.

Several years ago I met him at a party and I was able to tell him some of my journey and, how much of an influence he had been over my playing.  He was so tickled pink, he let me sit at his table and buy him drinks (he was that kind of guy)… and for several hours we chatted about his playing days, our favorite albums and guitar players, guitars, amps and guitar stuff in general. Good times.


Words are So Overrated

“Use Words if You Have To” is an Instrumental album of songs and pieces of music I like to play when creating my own ‘quiet’ space for prayer and meditation.
The title is taken from the famous line of Francis of Assisi “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”
I recorded all the parts in our living room during a week of ‘having the house to myself’… and oh what a mess I created with mics, guitars, cables and so on all over the place… a chaos quite unlike these recordings.
My intent was to ‘only’ use whatever I had in the house and as I had recently borrowed a lovely old Banjo from Hank Linderman I was able to add an Americana feel to some of the pieces. For percussion I played a small hand drum that someone had given me… more of a ‘nice thing to hang on the wall’… but it’s sound was delicate and fitted perfectly into these spacious themes. I made up a few shakers out of soda cans ‘half-filled’ with brown rice (organic of course… you can hear the difference)… and then using my voice, my assortment of acoustic guitars, an old bass, a broken tambourine and, while my desire was to ‘stay organic’, for a few brief moments I played my old analog synth to add some of the Sigur Ros air.


released 03 December 2014
All Instruments and vocals: Chris Falson
Recorded by Chris Falson @ the empty house studios
Mastered by Tony Green
Album photo by Kevin Roley
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